Membership T & C's
ARMCUMS Membership is valid from July 1 through June 30 of each year.
From Bylaws: Members shall be welcome without regard to race, religion, national origin, disability, gender, age, color, or sexual orientation. ARMCUMS shall provide membership to individuals and institutions.
1. Individual Membership. Individual membership is open to any college or university employee responsible for or managerially associated with a college or university mail service department and who is otherwise employed by a college or university. An Individual Member has one vote and is eligible to hold office and serve as a Director.
2. Institutional Membership. Institutional Membership is open to any college or university employing personnel who meet the requirements of Individual Membership who are employed by that the same college or university. An Institutional Member may designate up to three qualified individuals as representatives of that institution. Each designated representative of an Institutional Member shall be considered an Individual Member for purposes of voting, holding elective or appointed office in the Association, and for all other purposes as set forth in these Bylaws.
3. Emeritus Membership. Any individual who has been an ARMCUMS member for a total of five years or longer may be recognized as an Emeritus Member. This member shall have all the rights of an Individual Membership except for voting privileges, provided there is no conflict of interest.

ARMCUMS will actively recruit from the Rocky Mountain and western region of the United States, but will accept members from any state. All members shall be (1) employees of colleges, universities, other higher educational institutions, or other educational institutions approved by the Executive Board, and (2) persons performing administrative, managerial, or supervisory work or providing services related to Mail Services, or other Mail Services duties as approved by the Executive Board. All members will be subject to payment of dues.