Conference Schedule for Business Partner Exhibitors

Your registration includes the following meals while at the conference:

  • Opening Reception on Monday
  • Breakfast on Tuesday
  • Lunch on Tuesday

REMINDER to bring a door prize to give away during one of the exhibit hall times!

Need to ship items to The Dana for the conference?

Due to the layout of the hotel and available storage space, it is not possible to store display materials and/or show materials for any length of time.  If you need to ship items to The Dana, please plan for them to arrive on:

  • Friday, September 22nd - the earliest date, longer than they'd like to store them.
  • Saturday, September 23rd - OK
  • Sunday, September 24th - Awesome!
  • Monday, September 25th - If you can verify they'll arrive no later than 2 pm, this would be the ideal date.

The hotel must be notified in advance that materials are being sent.

Please email Mariana Iturrios at:  [email protected].  You'll need to let her know that you are an exhibitor at the ARMCUMS Conference, along with the following information, at least two working days in advance of the delivery:

  • ARMCUMS Conference - 9/25&26/23 - Becky Goldsmith, conf coordinator
  • Quantity of items being shipped
  • Arrival date of items and tracking number, if possible
  • Shipper
  • Your company name
  • Your name
  • Notate whether you will be a registered guest at the hotel, or not.

Each piece received at the hotel must be labeled with:

  • Name of the function:  ARMCUMS Conference
  • Date of function:  September 25 & 26, 2023
  • Event Coordinator:  Becky Goldsmith 

You must make arrangements to ship your materials out of the hotel.  You are responsible for sealing and labeling boxes and contacting the shipping company to make the shipping and billing arrangements. The hotel will store properly sealed and labeled materials for up to two (2) days following the function.

No COD packages will be accepted.

The Hotel policies on safe package handling are based on advice from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Shipping address:

ARMCUMS Conference - 9/25&26/23 - Becky Goldsmith
The Dana on Mission Bay
1710 W Mission Bay Drive
San DiegoCA  92109

NOTE:  We will assist the hotel in having your items moved to your booth space in the exhibit hall on Monday, September 25th.  All received items will be available for you to unpack and set up by 2 pm on Monday.