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Lori Sultzer

1> I’d like to know that since USPS has eliminated all retail folks to help with your CPU, who can help you get money orders when your local USPS takes their time in ordering them?

2> How can you increase your stamp accountability for CPU’s, we keep losing what we can order it seems like every year. At this rate we will only be able to get $50 in 3 years.

3> Are our MTAC reps from NACUMS, are they really being told what is going on with USPS? With this last push out from USPS about eliminating the Labels 400 for retail and then not really letting folks know about it so we can plan. It doesn’t seem that our MTAC folks knew about it. Additionally, the Legacy Series of labels for Insured, both under and over $500 is changing as is Certified, but you can’t get the labels anywhere! Is Registered mail label changing as well?

4> With only Pitney Bowes and Quadient as the major 2 players in Mail Processing equipment, how can we keep them to having user friendly software in regards to the uploading of data for our end of month reports. Seems I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the SMART from Quadient, and a lot of folks just generally don’t like Pitney Bowes. Is there some other company on the horizon, if not how can we have them tailor things to our industry?